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Country Bees Raw Honey

Pure raw honey...just like the good ol' days!

We LOVE the country, and we LOVE our honey...

At Country Bees Honey our goal is to provide you with the best quality raw honey available anywhere. Our filtering process ensures you'll experience a premium honey. We minimize contact with our honey to retain color, aroma, enzymes, pollen, antioxidants and other beneficial properties that can be destroyed through pressure filtering or excessive heat. 

Put simply, we want you to enjoy honey like you've never enjoyed it before!

We carry many varieties of honey...

  • Orange Blossom (In Stock)
  • Wild Flower(In Stock)
  • Palmetto (Out of Stock)
  • Holly(Out of Stock)
  • Tupelo(Out of Stock)

* Prices and sizes can vary slightly by location. Not all varieties are available at all locations. When Tupelo honey is available, it will be a higher price.


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