Country Bees Raw Honey

Pure raw honey...just like the good ol' days!

Our Story...

Country Bees Honey Farm started out due to a fascination with the honey bee. Our family studied bees as a home school project and this continued to blossom into a small family business. We love what we do, and we learn more about God's wonderful creation each and every day.

Selling Our Honey...

Do you have a booth at a local Farmers' Market? Do you own a veggie stand? Do you have a local business where you have high customer traffic? If so, you are a great candidate for selling our delicious, local, raw Country Bees honey.

Special prices are available for retailers, which are much lower than those shown on our website. Earn 30%+ profits and sell a product that folks love! 

Contact ustoday for more information.

Eat honey, dear child - it's good for you - and delicacies that melt in your mouth. Proverbs 24:13